Network Share collections may fail at times.  These steps will help you perform basic troubleshooting.

This article assumes you have already followed the steps at How Do I Configure EDiscovery To Collect From A Network Share? and Site Server Maintenance.



  1. Go to Management > System Configuration > Share Credentials and take note of the specified credentials.  Network Share collections will not work if this is left blank.
  2. Go to Data Sources > Network Shares and find the network share you are trying to collection from.
  3. Confirm that the account using to collect has read/execute and folder list permissions.
  4. Confirm that the desired network share is not a DFS share.  If it is, you may need to change it to the share's full path.
  5. With the desired network share highlighted, click the  button.
  6. If Use Current Credentials is selected, take note of these specified credentials instead of those from step 1.
  7. Go to Management > Work Manager Console.
  8. Confirm that the Work Manager responsible for Site Server jobs is online, as indicated by a golden ticket.  If it is not, you may be able to troubleshoot that with the steps here.
  9. Go to Management > Site Server Console.
  10. Confirm that the Site Server Status is Online.  If it is not, you may be able to troubleshoot that with the steps here.
  11. Take note of the IP CIDR range(s) listed for the Site Server's Domain.
  12. Remote into the machine running Site Server, logging in with the credentials from step 1 or step 5.
  13. Open a Command Prompt and ping the desired network share.  If it does not respond, you will need to correct any network issues causing this.
  14. Take note of the IP of the share and confirm it is with the CIDR range(s) from step 10.  If it is not, you will need to modify the CIDR range in the Site Server Configuration.
  15. Open Windows Explorer and confirm that you can access the desired share.  If you cannot, you will need to correct any network or security/permission issues causing this.
  16. Open Site Server Configuration and confirm there is sufficient available space in the Results Directory.  If there is not, you may need to change its location.
  17. Attempt the network share collection again.  If it still fails, further information can be found in the site_server.log in the Site Server installation folder, which AccessData Support can assist with.