When opening Summation iBlaze and Summation Enterprise "Online Help" (Help > Online Help), the help window does not open properly. Either no content appears in the "Online Help" window, or an error appears.



Instead of using the iBlaze or Enterprise command from Help > "Online Help", please browse directly to the online help file and then open with Internet Explorer.

The Iblaze online help index file is named "SW32.htm".

The Enterprise online help index file is named "ssehelp.htm".

Both should be in the following folder path:



Here is a sample path to the iBlaze online help index file for a mobile install:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Summation\Blaze\HTML\help\main\sw32.htm

Here is a sample path to the iBlaze online help index file for a network server:



Here is a sample path to the Enterprise online help index file:



You may try the steps below to see if you can cause Internet Explorer to allow the online help command to execute. 

1) Navigate to the Internet Explorer "Tools" menu.
2) Choose "Compatibility View" settings.
3) In the "Add This Website" field, enter either the IP address of the Summation Iblaze/Enterprise application server or its resolvable DNS name. 

Note: the "compatibility view" setting above may not work.


Iblaze/Enterprise online help uses "Robohelp" to display help content. Microsoft Internet Explorer default settings will suppress remote execution of Robohelp content. However, opening the online help webpage manually should allow the content to appear. 


Applies to:

Summation iBlaze

Summation Enterprise