A "Database in use" warning occurs when trying to perform database maintenance (Check, Pack, or Blaze) in iBlaze.



1) Confirm that no one else is using the specific affected case.

2) While no users are in the affected case, attempt to delete the (f) file.

3) If you are unable to delete the (f) file because it is reported to be "in use", then please close the (f) file from the iBlaze server's share.

4) Attempt to delete the (f) file (i.e. repeat step 1).

NOTE: step 3 may require intervention by your IT team.

Here is a link for Server 2008 about how to close open files.



When iBlaze opens a case-specific database, a lock file is created in the database folder, to signify that the case database is in use. The lock file is a temporary file, zero (0) kb in size, named with a prefix of the currently open forms and has an extension of "(f)".
E.g. a lock file can be named "e-form.(f)".

When all users have exited a specific case, iBlaze will close all lock files and delete them.
However, a problem occurs if somehow, iBlaze was not closed properly; then iBlaze may not be able to gracefully close the (f) lock file. The presence of the lock file can cause the "database in use" warning.


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