An error occurs "LicenseManager failed to perform codemeter ACT activation."

While performing an "offline activation" per the article below, on the final step ("Activating a dongle at an offline computer," i.e. step 5 at bottom of article: "Browse to the WIBUCMRAU file and click "Open").  

Virtual Codemeter (VCM) Activation Guide


Possible Cause and Solution

Invalid / corrupt activation file or different versions of License Manager / CodeMeter.

  1. Try copying the activation file from the "online system" again or simply recreate it.
  2. Verify that the latest versions of License Manager and CodeMeter are installed on both the offline and online computers. If a version mismatch is apparent, then install the latest versions and repeat all the steps for offline activation (i.e. total of twenty steps (20) need to be repeated). 



An empty virtual CMStick made with an earlier version of License Manager may not work properly with a newer version of License Manager.