How do I properly configure Summation/eDiscovery to use Lotus Notes Client for NSF Reduction?



  1. Log into the machine running your Exports Work Manager using your service account.
  2. Install Lotus Notes Client with default options.
    1. If prompted, do not make Lotus Notes your default email, calendar, or contacts program.
  3. Open and configure Lotus Notes according to the following notes:
    1. Set “Your Name” to “ad_service”.
    2. Do not connect to a Domino server.
    3. Do not set up instant messaging.
    4. Do not set up any additional services.
    5. Do not make Lotus Notes your default e-mail program.
      1. If presented with the option, select the check box “In the future, do not perform this check”.
    6. Accept other default setup options.
  4. From the “File” menu, point to “Security”, and select “User Security”.
  5. In the “User Security” dialog box, select the “Security Basics” tab.
  6. Under the heading “Your Login and Password Settings”, click “Change Password”.
  7. Create and confirm your Lotus Notes password, and click “OK”.
  8. Back at the “User Security” dialog box, expand “What Others Do” and select “Using Workstation”.
  9. Under “When code is signed by”, select the entry “-Default-“ and check every box under “Allow access to”. Repeat this for the “-No Signature-“ entry.
  10. Click “OK” and close Lotus Notes.
  11. Open the Services snap-in (services.msc).
  12. Find the “Multi User Cleanup Service”. If the service is not listed, skip to step 16.
  13. Double-click “Multi User Cleanup Service” to open the Properties dialog box.
  14. In the “Startup type” box select “Manual” if it is not already set as such.
  15. Under “Service status” click “Stop” if the service is running.
  16. Click “OK”.
  17. Close the “Services” window.
  18. Log into Summation/eDiscovery as an Application Admin.
  19. Click the “Management” icon in the upper-right.
  20. On the “System Configuration” tab click “Notes Certificates”.
  21. Click “Browse” and select the file at “C:\Users\\AppData\Local\IBM\Notes\Data\”.
    If file not found at that location, check C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data\
  22. Enter the password you created in step 7 and click “Save Certificate” then “Close”.