Various errors occur when attempting to create video clips from video transcripts.

Errors may include one of the following:


"Attempt to repath the end of the file"

"Couldn't read first pack, may not be MPEG-1"

"Couldn't read mpeg-1 packet header from source"

"Couldn't write next packet to target file"

"Unknown Start Code"


Possible Solutions:

1) Convert the video file to MPEG-1 format using a fixed bit rate.

2) If the video file is already MPEG-1 with a fixed bit rate, then consider "re-MUX'ing" a copy of the video file.

Below is a link to a third-party freeware application "TMPEGEnc" that can perform "MUX'ing."

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Instructions regarding re-MUXing via TMPEGEnc app.

1) Run TMPEGEnc.exe.
2) Go to File, MPEG Tools.
3) Go to the Multiplex tab.
4) Press Add and browse to the source MPEG file.
5) Change the Output location so as not to overwrite the source file.
6) Hit Run to perform the re-MUXing conversion.



Both iBlaze and Enterprise use a DLL named "VideoClipper.dll" to generate video clips.

VideoClipper.dll requires that the video file of the video transcript be in MPEG-1 format, and also be using a fixed (constant) bit rate. I.e. Videoclipper is not compatible with non-MPEG-1 formats or with a variable bit rate.

However, if the problem video file is confirmed to already be in MPEG-1 format with a constant bit rate, then there may be another setting within the video that is causing problems for VideoClipper.dll. In this situation, re-MUX'ing the video may help.


Applies To:

Summation Enterprise

Summation IBlaze