How do I give an AD Enterprise user Case Administrator or Case Reviewer rights, so they only have access to specific cases?



  1. Create a new user in ADMS (if you already have an existing user you'd like to change, skip to step 4)
  2. Open Enterprise Examiner and log in as the new user (so the user is added to Enterprise/FTK)
  3. Close Enterprise Examiner
  4. Open Enterprise Examiner, but click "Cancel" at the login dialog
  5. Click "Yes" when prompted to open standard FTK (this requires a valid FTK license)
  6. Login as another user (one with Application Administrator rights)
  7. In the "Database" menu, click "Administer Users"
  8. Highlight the user created in step 1 (the user whose rights you want to change)
  9. Click "Set Role", and select the role you'd like that user to have
  10. Back in the case list, assign cases to that user by right-clicking the desired cases and clicking "Assign Users"
  11. Close FTK



By default, AD Enterprise users created via ADMS are given Application Administrator rights. Case Administrator and Case Reviewer rights can only be assigned within standard FTK, but the permissions changes will persist in AD Enterprise.