When attempting to perform any Ocrbase commands (e.g. Blaze OCR, Add to Ocr, etc.), an error is thrown "OcrBase is currently locked".


Verify that no other iBlaze users are running any change operations in the affected ocrBase. If that is verified, then this means it should be safe for you to unlock the ocrBase.

To accomplish this, hold CTRL + Shift keys on your keyboard and then click OK on the "ocrbase is currently locked" dialog.


The "OcrBase is currently locked" notification indicates that an Iblaze workstation may be running a change operation. 

During any change operation in an Ocrbase (i.e. any Ocrbase command that could potentially change the Ocrbase, e.g. blaze, purge, add), Iblaze will set a lock flag in the Ocrbase to prevent other Iblaze clients from attempting changes as well. However, if the change operation is interrupted abnormally, the lock flag will remain set.

Applies To:

Summation IBlaze