My list of printers is blank when I select "Network Bulk Print" and attempt to use that option.



Add a printer to the Windows list of printers at the Ediscovery/Summation Pro application server, via its IP address (i.e. create a new printer at the application server using the printer's IP address).



The "Network Bulk Print" command attempts to print to printers found at the application server.

Note: "Print-to-file" printers (e.g. Adobe PDF, Microsoft XPS, etc.) are not supported with "Network Bulk Print". The printer needs to be a physical printer to work properly with "Network Bulk Print".

Additional Note: "Local Bulk Print" prints to printers added at a workstation. "Print-to-file" printers are supported with "Local Bulk Print".


Applies to:

AD Ediscovery

Summation Pro