I right-click on certain fields like "Issues" and I see a popup with a "tally" option. However, when I right-click on other fields like "Summary", the popup appears without a "tally" option.


Only keyed fields can be tallied in Webblaze. Here is more detail below.

1) MULTI-ENTRY fields are, by default, sortable and tallyable in Webblaze.

1a) Open Webblaze and open the column view.
1b) Right-click on the blue column heading for a multi-entry field like ISSUES and you will be able to sort ascending/descending as well as tally.

2) An unkeyed NOTE field is not sortable or tallyable in Webblaze.

3) An unkeyed NOTE field becomes sortable if a user runs a search or query in Webblaze. In fact, All fields on display in Webblaze become sortable after running any query.

E.g. Open Webblaze’s column view and place an unkeyed NOTE field on display (e.g. SUMMARY). Notice that the column heading will not be right-clickable. However, run any query (e.g. put an asterisk in the Search box and click Quick Search) and the column heading changes to blue.

4) Keyed NOTE fields are, by default, sortable and tallyable in webblaze.

To allow a NOTE field like SUMMARY to be sortable and tallyable, open the Summation database in the standard Iblaze application and add a key to the particular field (SEARCH : SORT ORDER and place red check mark by field name). Then logout of Webblaze and log in again.


Applies To:

Summation IBlaze

Summation Webblaze

May also apply in part to Summation Enterprise