When selecting File > Report, and clicking "OK," the format for "Load File" is grayed-out and not selectable.


In order to create a load file from FTK, one must have an option selected that includes records.

In addition, for at least one selected option, an "export" choice must also be selected.

E.g. select "Bookmarks" if there are bookmarked records in the case. Then also expand the bookmarks until you can select the actual bookmark.

Finally, if you would like the load file to also link to exported files, then, for at least one of the selected bookmarks, select the option to "Export files and include links."


FTK can generate a load file, but it needs records to add to the load file. In addition, FTK can also link a record in the load file to its corresponding exported file.

Reference Link:  How can I create a Load File in FTK 5.6.4 and later?


Applies to:

FTK 5.6.4 and later

AD Lab 5.6.4 and later

AD Enterprise 5.6.4 and later