eDiscovery Basic Acceptance Test (BAT)

Please refer to the eDiscovery user guide for detailed instructions on how to perform the actions below.

Note: eDiscoBATtest.zip (attached to this help article) contains sample data that can be used in steps 3 and 4.

Initial Configuration

  • Set default case paths and processing options
  • Set up Active Directory integration (if necessary)
  • Import/Create at least one Application Administrator user
  • Verify Work Manager(s) are up
  • Verify Site Server(s) are up

Basic Functionality Testing

  • Create a new case
  • Import evidence via a load file
  • Ingest evidence
  • Create a label
  • Create a custom field
  • Perform a quick search on the evidence
  • Label the search results
  • Create a Production Set on the Label, making sure to image the files to test SWFing
  • Export the Production Set
  • Delete the Case

eDiscovery Connector Testing

  • For each connector the client plans to use
    • Configure the connector in the eDiscovery user interface
    • Create a collection job to collect from the connector
      • Verify that the number of hits appear correct and that it completes successfully