By-design, iBlaze and Enterprise generate Browser Briefcases, such that each browser briefcase contains subfolders of linked files, with each subfolder containing the files for one hundred (100) records.

I.e. if the browser briefcase contains 500 records, there will be 5 subfolders to contain the 500 records' linked items.

Some users have requested that they be allowed to increase that arbitrary limit.



1) Browse to the Summation Iblaze/Enterprise application directory.

Go to:

[Summation iblaze/enterprise application folder]\Profiles\All Users\Scripts


2) Find the file entitled “BC2HTML.vs”.


3) Rename the old file to “BC2HTML.vs.OLD”.

4) Create a copy of the file and name it “BC2HTML.vs”.

NOTE: steps 3 and 4 above are important. If the edits performed in steps 6 and 7 go awry, then you can recover the "old" file.


5) Open the newly created file with a text editor (e.g. NotePad or WordPad).

6) Find this text:

g_DocsPerPage = 100

7) Change the "100" to your desired number.

8) Save the document.