How do I configure AD eDiscovery to collect from GMail?



  • A Google G Suite Basic, Business, or Enterprise account for your organization
  • Administrator account credentials for your organization's G Suite account
  • Access to GMail from the Collections Work Manager machine
  • One of the following versions of Outlook installed on the Collections Work Manager machine:
    Outlook 2007 32-bit Standard & Professional
    Outlook 2010 32-bit Standard & Professional
    Outlook 2013 32-bit Professional Plus
    Outlook 2016 32-bit Professional Plus



  1. Login to the G Suite Admin Console at with your organization's G Suite Administrator account
  2. Click "Security"
  3. Click "API reference"
  4. Check "Enable API access" and click "Save"
  5. Open the Google API Console at
  6. Expand the upper-left menu, then select "API Manager" and "Credentials"
  7. When prompted to select or create a project, click "Create"
  8. Give your project a name and click "Create"
  9. When prompted, select "OAuth client ID" from the "Create credentials" drop-down
  10. Follow the prompts to Configure the OAuth consent screen and click "Save"
  11. For the Application Type, select "Other", give it a name, and click "Create"
  12. Take note of your Client ID and Client Secret
  13. Log into eDiscovery and go to Data Sources > Gmail
  14. Click the Add button in the upper-right
  15. Enter you Gmail Domain, Client ID, and Client Secret, and click the "Google" button
  16. In the resulting browser window, sign in with your organization's G Suite Administrator account
  17. When prompted, click "ALLOW" to allow the connector to audit emails of the users on your domain
  18. Copy the resulting Authorization Code, paste it into the connector details in eDiscovery, and click "OK"



  • GMail collections may spend a while "Waiting for Service" while eDiscovery waits for the collection request to be processed and packaged up by the queue on Google's end.