How can I associate existing Custodians (People) to their respective Data Sources in eDiscovery in bulk?

Note: The steps here focus on associating existing People with their Computers, Shares, Groups, Enterprise Vault, and other existing Evidence sources, in bulk.  However, a subset of these steps can be used to import new People, along with their associated Data Sources.



  • Existing People Data Sources



  1. In eDiscovery, go to Data Sources > People
  2. Click the "Export to CSV" button to export a list of all existing Custodians
  3. Save the resulting CSV
  4. Click the "Import Custodians" button
  5. In the "Import Custodians from CSV" dialog, click "Download CSV Template" in the lower-left
  6. Save the resulting CSV
  7. Open the both downloaded CSVs a spreadsheet editor
  8. Copy any desired entries from the "First Name", "Last Name", "Username", "Email Address", and "Domain" columns from the CSV from step 3 into the appropriate columns in the CSV from step 6.
  9. Continue editing the CSV from step 6 to associate each listed Custodian with the desired data sources
  10. Save the changes to the CSV, making sure not to change its format
  11. Back in the "Import Custodians from CSV" dialog, check the "Merge into existing people" box
  12. Browse to your updated CSV
  13. Click "Import"



  • Multiples of the same data source type can be entered into a field by using a semicolon (;) to separate them.
  • Data Sources can be pre-existing or new.
  • Fields left unintentionally blank in the CSV being imported will result in those fields in eDiscovery being erased.