When trying to log into AD Ediscovery / Summation Pro, you receive a message that your license has expired.



1) Open License Manager and verify when your expiration date is.

2) Click the Refresh Device button to gather the latest information regarding your Licenses.

If License Manager still shows that the license is past your expiration date (i.e. still expired), you will need to contact your Accessdata sales representative for renewal.

3) If License Manager now shows that your license is not past its expiration date (i.e. not expired), Recycle the services for AD Ediscovery/Summation Pro and try to log in again.

Note: The AD Ediscovery/Summation Pro license is named "Insight". In License Manager, highlight that license to see the "ProductType" setting.

Additional note: Please see this article below about how one can view the current status for a license, as defined at the Accessdata Dongle License server.



AD Ediscovery / Summation Pro will only check the expiration date once the services start, and will not check again until the next time they restart.

If your license expired, or was renewed, since the last time the Summation Pro services started, it will not pick up the new expiration date until the services restart again.


Applies To

AD Ediscovery

Summation Pro