How can you automatically add domain users to Lab with the desired roles/permissions by utilizing LDAP groups.



  1. In Active Directory Administration Center, create a new group
  2. Add any desired users to that group
  3. On your Lab machine, launch Lab and log in with an existing Application Administrator account
  4. Go to Tools > Set LDAP Authentication
  5. Check "Enable LDAP authentication", enter your LDAP server and Base DN information as shown, and click OK
  6. Go to Database > Administer Groups
  7. Click "Select LDAP Groups"
  8. Check group from step 1 and click OK
  9. Highlight the newly added group on the left, select the desired role(s) to associate to it, click Save, then Close
  10. On a machine with Lab, log into Windows as one of the users from step 2
  11. Launch Lab to be automatically logged in and given the appropriate role



  • This will not work if your account has already been created manually as a Trusted User, or if there is an existing Lab user account with your Domain username.
  • During step 11, Lab will automatically insert your user, with the appropriate role(s), into the Lab user database.
  • You must be logged in to Windows using the desired account for step 11.  Using "Run as different user" will not work.