How do you change the RPC address for Cassandra?



  1. Open services.msc
  2. Stop the Cassandra service
  3. Browse to the Cassandra installation folder (typically "C:\Program Files\AccessData\Cassandra")
  4. Open the "conf" folder
  5. Open "cassandra.yaml" in a text editor
  6. Find the line with "rpc_address:"
  7. Change the address to the desired value
  8. Open services.msc
  9. Start the Cassandra service


Cassandra is the database used for KFF 6.3 and newer.  During the KFF/Cassandra installation, you are prompted to enter the DNS name of your machine.  Cassandra then binds itself to that name as the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) address, only accepting connections directed toward that name.

For example, if the RPC address is set to "WinMachine", you will only be able to connect to the KFF if you direct communication to "WinMachine", even if the product accessing the KFF (FTK, etc) is also installed on "WinMachine".  Directing communication to "localhost" will fail.