Internet Explorer prompts you for credentials when accessing Summation or eDiscovery using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), even though you are logged in to the machine as a user with access to Summation/eDiscovery.



  1. Open Internet Options
  2. Under the Security tab, select "Local intranet" and click "Sites"
  3. Click "Advanced"
  4. Enter the base URL for Summation/eDiscovery (this is typically the web server's Fully Qualified Domain Name) and click "Add"
  5. Close all dialogs and Internet Explorer
  6. If you use a DNS Alias to connect to the web server, do the following on the web server:
    1. Open IIS on the web server and go to:

              >Default Web Site
    2. Under the Management heading, double-click "Configuration Editor"
    3. In the Section drop-down, go to:
    4. In the From drop-down, select "ApplicationHost.config
    5. Set the "useAppPoolCredentials" setting to True
    6. Click "Apply" in the upper-right
    7. Run an "iisreset"



Your web server isn't considered part of your Intranet Zone by your browser, so it's unable to pass your Windows credentials directly to Summation/eDiscovery.