When using the "KFF Import Utility" to update your KFF (Cassandra) libraries in FTK 6.3+, the KFF Import Utility is prompting for a CSV file. However, neither the NDIC nor DHS packages provided by Accessdata contain a CSV file.



Accessdata will no longer be providing the NDIC or DHS hash set packages. Endusers should obtain these hash sets directly from the source. Getting these sets from the source will ensure that you always are getting the latest update of the hash sets. You can get the original sources from here: Where do the AccessData KFF hash libraries come from?



New KFF versions that use Cassandra will not accept the older NDIC and DHS hash sets available at the Accessdata download page.

The older NDIC and DHS hash sets were provided for ElasticSearch (KFF 6.2 and earlier).


Applies To

KFF Import Utility 6.3+