Why is the "Video" tab showing zero (0) items, even though I have video files in the dataset?


This is due to a default tab filter that limits the display of items in that tab, to those that have a thumbnail generated for them. 

Select the "Filters" menu > "Tab Filter" to see the currently selected filter. The default tab filter is "Video Conversion or Thumbnails". Here is a sample screenshot:


Here also is a screenshot with a tab filter of "Visual Media Files" selected.



Please refer to the FTK user guide for further details about the tab filter.

Note: To allow the "Video Conversion or Thumbnails" tab filter to display items in the "Video" tab, you could perform "Additional Analysis" with the following processing options selected:

Create Thumbnails for Videos

Create Common Video File

Workaround: Use the "Overview" tab instead of the "Video" tab. In the "Overview" tab, select the "Multimedia" file category to see the items.


Applies To

AD Enterprise

AD Lab

Forensic Toolkit