When printing images from Summation Iblaze or Summation Enterprise, an error is thrown:

General Exception Printing



Record-Specific Scenarios

1) Invalid IMGINFO Reference

If the problem is occurring for certain records only, then examine the IMGINFO table reference for the problem record(s).

1a) The DEFDIR field should not have a preceding backslash (\).

E.g. A DEFDIR value of "\@I\images001" is incorrect.

The correct DEFDIR value should be "@I\images001" without the backslash character at the beginning.

1b) Examine the IMGFILES field and verify that all the pages referenced in the IMGINFO record are available. I.e. this error can occur if a certain page in a document is missing. Also verify that the path is correct for all graphics files referenced by that field.

2) Incompatible Image Format

The error "General Exception Printing" can be thrown if a graphics file encountered by the "image viewer" does not open properly in the image viewer. E.g. this can occur with PDF files that are incompatible with the image viewer.


User-Specific Scenario

3) If the error is thrown only when certain endusers perform the printing, then consider refreshing the problem enduser's profile. Here is a help article about refreshing a profile.


Printer-Specific Scenario

4) Problematic Printer

EndUsers have reported problems with print jobs to the following printers, causing Iblaze/Enterprise to throw an error "General Exception Printing". For this problem, please try another printer.

Canon IR 570

HP 4200


Applies To

Summation IBlaze

Summation Enterprise