The Transaction Logs are growing exponentially and causing an issue for needed space.


Resolution 1 of 2

Add a Full backup of transaction logs to your maintenance plans.

1. Right Click Maintenance Plans > Maintenance Plan Wizard

2. Name the new plan > Next

3. Check the task for "Back Up Database (Transaction Log)" > Next > Next

4. On the "Define Back Up Database (Transaction Log Task) Configuring the maintenance task", choose "All Databases". > Next

5. Change the location of the report if you want > Next

6. Finish

7. At this point you can manually execute your new plan (Right Click > Execute) or set it to execute on a schedule. 

8. Once the logs have been successfully backed up, they will have available free space and can then be shrunk.

Resolution 2 of 2

1. Change the recovery of the database from Full to Simple, then shrink the logs. 

Shrink Logs

1. To shrink logs, stop all services for exterro products that are running. 

2. Right Click > Tasks > Shrink > Files

3. Change File Type to "LOG" and make sure "Release unused space" is chosen. Click OK.

 4. Restart services.


When using the Full Backup Recovery Model for your databases, the transaction logs will continue to grow until they are also backed up.