While in Summation iBlaze/Enterprise, you receive the following message:

"This page is accessing a data source on another domain. Do you want to allow this?"


Solution 1

(Change your security settings in Internet Explorer)

1) In Internet Explorer, go to "Tools"--> "Internet Options" and click on the "Security" tab.

2) Choose the "Local Intranet" zone.

3) At the bottom of the dialog box, click on the "Custom Level" button.

4) Go to the section called "Miscellaneous".

5) For the option "Access data sources across domains" change the setting to "Enabled". Click okay to return to the main "Security" dialog box.

Optional: Change the same setting for any other effective security zones.

6) E.g. Choose the "Internet" zone and enable "Access data sources across domains". 


Solution 2

(Change Iblaze/Enterprise settings to suppress the error)

1) With the message "This page is accessing a data source on another domain. Do you want to allow this?" on screen, select OK to close the message.

2) In Summation IBlaze, go to the menu bar and select View, then click on Home Page. When the "Attorney's Home Page" opens, locate the "Alerts and Important Dates" section.

3) Click the "Options" link on the right side of the "Alerts and Important Dates" title bar. The "Alerts/Important Dates Options" dialog should open.

4) Change the setting for the "Refresh Interval" at the bottom of the window to zero (0).



The warning message is an Internet Explorer security prompt, caused by an "Alerts and Important Dates" feature of Iblaze/Enterprise.

That "Alerts... " feature is designed to allow admin users to post messages to other endusers, either on a case or application level. The refresh of the content causes a client workstation to query for content at the server. Certain security environments do not automatically allow that query, hence the security prompt from Internet Explorer.


Applies To

Summation Iblaze

Summation Enterprise