How can I find out what licenses should be appearing on my codemeter (license dongle)?


1) Open "Accessdata License Manager" and select the "Licenses" tab;

2) Click the "View Registration Info" at the bottom.

This should open a web browser and go to the Accessdata license server "". On the resulting web page should appear the licenses that are registered to the security dongle.

If the license expiration dates need to be updated in "Accessdata License Manager" to match the registration information, then click the "Refresh Device" button to retrieve the latest expiration dates.

NOTE: Prerequisite is that the license dongle should be plugged in and viewable in "Accessdata License Manager" and that the "Accessdata License Manager" software can access the "" URL.

Optional: Use A Web Browser (E.g. Offline Scenario) To View

If License Manager is on an offline computer, then one can use a browser from an online computer instead. From a computer connected to the Internet, open your browser and go to the following URL with the last seven digits of your dongle serial number appended afterwards:

E.g. will allow one to view the licenses found on dongle 8899999 (note: 8899999 is not a real dongle number).


Applies To

Accessdata License Manager