How does one use the "Iblaze Page ID" image branding option?


The "Iblaze Page ID" branding option will cause the DOCID value to be branded on page one of a document, and then, if the document has additional image pages, an incrementing value, derived from the DOCID value, is branded on each subsequent image page of the document.



The "Iblaze Page ID" branding option is useful if:

1) The DOCID field is populated for the original records and;

2) The "original DOCID" naming option is used on the "volume document options" section of the export set/production set wizard (i.e. a new production docid is not needed) and;

3) Page counts are taken into account for all original DOCID values, i.e. the docid values for consecutive source records are not consecutive values but instead, account for the pages contained in each document, as like a "Bates" number".

Here is an example of a "Bates" numbered docid value:

If record one is a 3 page document, then record one might have a docid value of RECORD_00001, while record two would have a docid value of RECORD_00004.


Applies To

AD Ediscovery

Summation Pro