When searching or sorting a table, you see the following error:

"error 15, garbage encountered in note pointer".

Error Details:

SwDatabase Error 15: garbage encountered in note pointer.

Blaze may throw error "8801 error bad data in row" (blaze errors can also be seen in "blaze.log" at root of iblaze application folder).


To attempt to resolve this error, please do the following.

A) Backup/Pack

1) Make note of how many records are in the main data table (e-table or stdtable).
2) Backup the database.
3) Pack the database.
If the number of records has stayed the same and the error 15 no longer occurs, then the issue is solved and the pack command has corrected the database structure issue.

B) Remove the problem data

If the Pack did not resolve the issue, then please attempt to remove the problem data.

1) Blaze the database to see an "8801" error.
If Blaze detects the problem data, it will report an "8801 bad data in row" error and describe which field the problem data is found in. If the field is known, then consider doing the following:

1a) Backup the database
1b) Export DOCID and the problem field to a comma-separated-value (CSV) file.
1c) Delete the problem field from the table.
1d) Recreate the field that was deleted in step 1c.
1e) Import the CSV created in step 1b and use the "update existing summaries" option.

2) If no helpful "8801" error is available (i.e. Blaze detects no problem data), then you may need to remove problem data a different way. E.g. if the error 15 began to occur after a recent data load, then perhaps backup the current data, then remove the new data records and see if that corrects the problem.

If necessary, contact the iBlaze support team for help.


"Error 15: garbage encountered in note pointer" indicates that the Saturn Database engine is unable to read certain information from the database due to invalid data found in a database pointer.

The invalid data could be in the form of control characters, introduced during an change or edit command on multiple records at once (e.g. creating new field, mass tag, global replace, etc).

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