How can I display deleted Custodians (disabled or deleted manually in Active Directory) on the custodian and other dialogs?



Change the display options.

Below are steps to change the settings.

1) At Home screen, click the "Management" gear icon (in upper-right of Home, if logged in as an application administrator).

2) Click "System Configuration".

3) Click the "Data Sources Display Options" button.

4) Change the desired setting to "Show All" to display all deleted active directory accounts.

E.g. Change "Display Deleted Active Directory Custodians" to "Show All".



This accounts for why some dialogs may display fewer  accounts than other dialogs. I.e. Some dialogs may have a different display setting that hides deleted users.

E.g. In AD Ediscovery, if you highlight a project on the Home screen, select the "Data Sources" tab, and then click the "Associate" button (green chain icon) and see fewer account names than as are appearing at the Jobs custodians dialog, then this could mean that one or more display settings are set to hide the deleted accounts.


Applies To

AD Ediscovery

Summation Pro