In trying to install a distributed processing engine, I'm receiving the error: 

An error occurred when applying transforms. Check whether the specified transform paths are valid.



One of the following may allow the installer to finish:

  • Check the MD5 hash of the ISO you downloaded. (See article: How to Verify the MD5 Hash Value of an Image)

  • Make sure you are running the ISO mounted. (See article: Mounting and installing a product with an ISO)

  • Instead of using the auto-installer, navigate the ISO to FT/FTK/{GUID} to find the evidence processing engine installer. Make sure you run with right-click run as administrator. Make sure you select the checkbox to install as distributed.

  • In a couple of instances, this problem was seen happening in an OS set to non-English, non-United States region and locale settings. Changing region and locale settings to United States and English, allowed the install to finish.





This KB helps to overcome the error "An error occurred when applying transforms. Check whether the specified transform paths are valid."