Symptom: You enter the ADC- code given to you for your virtual license, but you get the message "Your confirmation code was not recognized"


1) The activation code has been used once before and is no longer valid

2) Your License Manager and/or CodeMeter program is out of date, or not the same version between your Online and Offline computers. 

3) A firewall is blocking communication with the AccessData license server.


Possible Solutions:
1) Contact your Sales Rep to see if the code has already been used once. If so, you will need to talk with them about being issued a new activation code.

2) Download and install the newest version of License Manager and CodeMeter from The Exterro website Downloads Page 

3) See if you can access from the computer that you are trying to update the license from. If you cannot reach it at all, then you will need to do an Offline Activation using the guide Virtual CodeMeter (VCM) Activation Guide