When clicking "SAVE" for a production set, the production set dialog will not close, and the production set does not get saved.

Also, when examining the "System Log" errors, an error of "ArgumentNull_Generic" appears that correlates to the date/time of the save attempt for the production set.



After loading a production set template, examine the various production set settings. One or more of them may not have been populated.

E.g. in the "image branding" section of the production set wizard, the template may have a setting for a "field" to be used for branding. If so, then one must also choose a field name in the drop-down for the field.

Tip: fill out all the settings before saving the production template.



"ArgumentNull... " refers to a setting that cannot be empty. Each of the various production set settings need to be filled out completely before the production set can be saved.


Applies To

AD Ediscovery

Summation Pro