How do I configure eDiscovery to collect from OneDrive through a single connector?



  • eDiscovery 6.3-7.1.1
  • An Azure app built with the steps here



  1. Log into eDiscovery as an Administrator
  2. Click Data Sources
  3. Select the OneDrive tab
  4. Click the button
  5. Enter the Application (Client) ID, Client Secret, and Redirect URI noted when building your Azure app
  6. Click Authorize
  7. If prompted, log in with your organization’s Azure global administrator's credentials and click “Accept”
    • You may need to allow pop-ups.
    • The account used to Authorize the connection must have the "Global Administrator" role in O365 as well as the "Site Collection Administrator" permission for all users' OneDrives.
    • Verify that you get the message: “You have successfully connected to the OneDrive!”
  8. Close the popup
  9. Click OK. (This must be done within a limited amount of time.)

Note: You can configure more than one connector if needed.


Associating People to OneDrive

For the application to collect from OneDrive, People must be configured with a valid O365 email address.