How can I install QView?



QView is a locally-installed client to connect to the Quin-C Service.



  • A working installation of Forensic Tools
  • A client machine with access to the Quin-C Service, typically over port 4443



  1. Get a copy of the QView installer, AccessData_QView.exe, from the Quin-C Server machine's bin\QView_installer folder (typically "[drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\Forensic Tools\[version]\bin\QView_Installer\")
    Note: QView can also be downloaded from inside Quin-C by right-clicking any object in the Grid widget, then going to Qview and Download in the resulting context fly-out.
  2. Copy the installer to the client machine and run the installer
    Note: When prompted for a "Path to check for install updates", leave it set to none unless you have a share where you will store all future QView installers
  3. Wait for the installation to finish, including any viewer installers that automatically run
  4. Launch QView from the Desktop shortcut or Start Menu entry
  5. At the QView Login dialog, do the following and click Login:
    1. If Quin-C is configured to use Integrated Windows Authentication, check Use Windows Authentication.  Otherwise, enter your Username and Password.
    2. Enter the Base Url for your Quin-C server in the format http://[server]:[port] as shown below:
      Note: Use https instead of http if Quin-C is configured to use SSL