The iBlaze/Enterprise image viewer is now displaying a reverse, negative image (i.e. white detail against black background). How can I change the display back to normal?


The mode where the background of an image is black and the text is white is called "reverse" mode. To toggle out of reverse mode, please place the image viewer in focus and press the 'V' key on the keyboard.


There is a possibility that other keyboard key combinations can cause this problem to occur. I.e. some users have reported that this has occurred while the user was using arrow keys and other keys (e.g. page up/page down) to navigate pages and documents with the image viewer in focus.

Accessdata has not been able to determine exactly what other keyboard key combination can cause reverse mode to happen. Nevertheless, pressing 'v' will toggle the reverse mode off and on.


Applies To

Summation Iblaze

Summation Enterprise