When opening FTK, or a specific case in FTK, you receive the error "An error occurred while attempting to connect to the database or the network. Please close and restart FTK (6)."


Possible Causes

Below are common causes for the error. Please examine FTK_Log.txt found at this location, for error messages that may help pinpoint the exact cause of the problem:

"%ProgramData%\AccessData\Products\Forensic Toolkit\".


1) The computer name has changed.

2) The path to the Case Folder is no longer valid.

3) Custom Processing profile is set to be the default

4)The wrong version of Python is installed, or Python is not installed at all.




1) Change the computer name back. If you are unable to do this, please contact AccessData technical support.

2) Ensure your Windows account has full permissions to the case directory.

3) Change the setting for FTK's default processing profile back to one of the standard ones, and not your custom profile. 

4) Download Python 3.3 and install it. Here is a download link for Python 3.3.5. This should be used with Postgresql 9.6.