To generate an API key to authenticate with the FTK Central service, you will require a CodeMeter License dongle with the ADAPI tag (with current expiration date) applied as a license attribute of your AD Enterprise license.

API Key Generation (FTK / Lab / Enterprise)

As long as this dongle is plugged into the machine when you start the FTK.exe you will be able to generate API keys through the application. The FTK client has the ability to generate API keys by selecting the "Access API Key" option from the Tools menu item.

In the new window that is created by selecting this option, you can select the user to generate an API key for. The user selection is used to define the permissions that the bound API key should obtain. Typically you will want to bind this to the Administrator so that the API key has access to all of the REST calls. By clicking "Generate Key", the text box above will populate with the relevant API key.