How do I configure eDiscovery to collect from Mimecast?



  • eDiscovery 7.1.1 SP4 or newer



Create a New Mimecast User for eDiscovery:

  1. Log into the Mimecast Administration Console as an Administrator
  2. Click on the Administration menu at the top, and go to Directories > Internal Directories
  3. Click the Directory that you would like to add a user to
  4. Click New Address
  5. Specify at least the following for the new user:
    Email Address
    Global Name
    Force Change at Logon:
    Password Never Expires: True
  6. Click Save and Exit
  7. Click on your new user to edit them
  8. Next to the Administrator Console Role field, click Role Edit
  9. Right-click Full Administrator and click Add Users to Role
  10. Check the box next to your new user and click Add Selected Users

Create a New API Application for eDiscovery:

  1. Click on the Administration menu at the top, and go to Services > API Applications
  2. Click Add API Application
  3. Specify the following and click Next:
    Application Name
    Email / Archiving
    Enable Extended Session: False
  4. Specify the following and click Next:
  5. Review your settings and click Add
  6. Take note of the Application Name, Application ID, and Application Key
  7. Wait at least 30 minutes for application to finish being created
  8. Click Create Keys
  9. Specify the Email Address of your previously created user, and click Next
  10. Specify the following and click Next:
    Type: Cloud
    Password: Password of your previously created user
  11. Take note of the Access Key and Secret Key and click Close

Add the Connector to eDiscovery:

  1. Log into eDiscovery as an Administrator
  2. Click Data Sources
  3. Select the Mimecast tab
  4. Click the button
  5. Enter the Application IDApplication KeyApplication NameHost NameAccess Key, and Secret Key, then click OK.
    Note: The Host Name is region-specific and is provided by Mimecast here. and should be entered in the format https://, like

Note: You can configure more than one connector if needed.