AccessData does not support RDS MSSQL.  Instead, MSSQL must be installed locally on an EC2 instance.  This can be done using your own MSSQL license and ISO, or by using an AMI that comes with MSSQL pre-installed.  This article will discuss configuring MSSQL, when it's pre-installed with your AMI, for use with AD software.


  • Only the 7.x line of AccessData products supports MSSQL 2016 & 2017.  
  • Both "Standard" or "Enterprise" editions can be used.



  1. After launching your EC2 instance, RDP to that instance using its Administrator credentials (you will need to decrypt the Administrator password using the key selected during instance creation).
  2. Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, and use Windows Authentication to connect to MSSQL.
    Note: By default, only the Administrator account initially has "sysadmin" permissions in MSSQL.
  3. In the Object Explorer tree, right-click the server name and click Properties.
  4. Open the Security page on the left.
  5. Under Server authentication, select SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode, then click OK.
    Note: Additional changes, like data directories, can also be changed here if desired.
  6. In the Object Explorer tree, expand Security > Logins.
  7. Right-click Logins and click New Login.
  8. On the General page, in the Login name field, enter the full login of your domain-level service account.
  9. On the Server Roles page, check the sysadmin box, then click OK.
  10. Right-click the sa account and click Properties.
  11. On the General page, set a new password for the sa account.
  12. On the Status page, under Login, select Enabled.  Then click OK.
  13. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  14. In the left pane, expand SQL Server Network Configuration.
  15. Select the Protocols entry for your newly installed SQL instance.
  16. In the right pane, right-click Named Pipes and click Enable.
  17. In the left pane, select SQL Server Services.
  18. In the right pane, right-click the SQL Server service for your SQL instance and click Restart.