QView does not recognize the "QVUserLicCount" and your dongle, so it refuses to open. QView says "Licensing Error", "Invalid License", or "Please run FTK to use your license". You may also get the error "License Expired" when the dongle shows a valid expiration date.


Version Affected

QView (from the Forensic Tools 7.4.0 release).

ADG database schema version



Do the following on the server running Forensic Tools:

  1. Open License Manager
  2. Confirm that you have QVUserLicCount and valid QVUserLicValidDate entries under FTK, AD Enterprise, AD Lab, or Insight (if not, please contact your Sales representative to have them added). 
  3. Open the Services snap-in (services.msc)
  4. Stop the AccessData Quin-C Self Host Service service
  5. Navigate to the Forensic Tools bin folder (typically "[drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\Forensic Tools\[version]\bin")
  6. Backup the following files to another folder:
  7. Download the attached QView 7.4 License and put its contents in the bin folder, replacing any existing files
  8. Start the AccessData Quin-C Self Host Service service