Forensic Tools allows you to install FTK/Lab/Enterprise so that it can be run by users who do not have administrator access to the local machine.  However, there are some special requirements to be able to create cases, process evidence, and export data in this type of configuration.



  • We do not recommend running FTK/Lab/Enterprise as a non-admin on the main Application Server.
  • Any accounts used to run FTK/Lab/Enterprise must still have full access to any case and evidence paths.



  • A working Forensic Tools environment with a central database, processing manager, and shared processing engine(s)
  • An additional Client machine on which FTK/Lab/Enterprise is to run without machine Administrator permissions
  • An FTK/Lab/Enterprise license for the additional Client machine
  • An Administrator account to perform the installation on the Client machine



    1. Log in to the Client machine as an Administrator.
    2. Find AccessData_Forensic_Tools.exe on the installation media, and run it as Administrator.
      1. On the Configuration page of the installer, enter the name/IP of your main Application Server in the Exterro Server field.
      2. On the Ready to Install the Program page, select FTK, LAB, or ENTERPRISE from the dropdown, and check Do not run with Administrator rights.
    3. Navigate to the Forensic Tools BIN folder (typically "[drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\Forensic Tools\[version]\bin").
    4. Launch DBConfig.exe as Administrator.
    5. If it's not already listed, use Add Configuration to point to your existing central database.
    6. Install CodeMeter and License Manager, and connect or activate your license.
    7. Launch FTK/Lab/Enterprise and log in.
    8. Go to Tools>Preferences.
    9. Set the Temporary file path to a location that all Windows accounts will have full access to.
    10. Click OK and close FTK/Lab/Enterprise.

At this point, you should be able to launch FTK/Lab/Enterprise from a "Standard" Windows account.