The "Standard Viewer" mode does not load any document content. Instead, the below screen appears in the viewer panel.



Enable flash content to load from the AD Ediscovery or Summation Pro web server URL.

1) Add the below content (nine lines total) as new lines to each workstation's "mms.cfg" settings file.

    For Windows 10 Internet Explorer x64, the effective location for the "mms.cfg" file is: 


For Windows 10 Internet Explorer x86, the effective location for the "mms.cfg" file is:

  • Note 1: If the mms.cfg file does not already exist in that location, you can save the below attached mms.cfg file to that location and edit it to match your URL
  • Note 2: This will only work if Flash is still installed. Windows update will uninstall Flash at some point in the future. Currently it is only disabled. 
  • Note 3: This resolution  goes against the recommendations of Microsoft to have Adobe Flash blocked and therefore could be deemed a security risk.


E.g. if the application is accessed via the URL then the following four lines would be used to enable flash for that URL.






2) Repeat the last four lines for each website from which you want to enable flash content to run in the browser.



Use the Quin-c viewer widget or the Qview application instead.

If Quin-c has not yet been installed in your environment, please contact your Accessdata sales representative to schedule an installation.



As of the end-of-life (EOL) date January 12, 2021, Flash content is now automatically suppressed by Adobe Flash Player, for all websites. Also note: a current Windows Update 4577586 will remove Flash player from the browser and cannot be uninstalled. This update must be avoided. Please see the links below about update KB4577586.


See Microsoft article KB4577586: Update for the removal of Adobe Flash Player: October 27, 2020


Adobe Flash Player is a built-in function in Internet Explorer 11.

Flash Player "end-of-life" was declared in 2020 (see the reference links for more detail). On January 12, 2021, Flash content was automatically suppressed in all browsers.

A possible short-term solution is allowing flash content to run for select white-listed site pages.


Reference Links:


Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page


Applies To

AD Ediscovery and Summation Pro accessed via Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows Server 2012. This does not work when accessing the application from a Windows Server 2016 edition.