No longer able to redact from Summation Pro due to Microsoft's End of Life for Adobe Flash.



You will need a Summation Pro / eDiscovery environment that also has Quin-C installed in parallel.

How to Redact from Quin-C "Desktop" View

  • From the Viewer widget , change to the "PDF" view.
  • The black square icon is the redaction option. It will open with the default color of RED. Choose the color you would like then draw a square over the text you want redacted. Repeat for each additional redaction on this document.

  • Click the "Save" icon before moving on to the next document. This will save your redactions, but will not make them permanent. You will still be able to edit them until they are burned in.
  • The "lock" icon will burn the redactions in. Redactions must be burned in before they will produce. We recommend to only save redactions and then burn them all in at once just prior to production. This way you can edit them up until the production is run.

How to Redact from QView

  • Change the Viewer to the "Annotate" Viewer.

  • The "Redact", "Save", and "Burn in Annotations" works the same here as it does in Quin-C above.
  • In addition, QView lets you pick from 5 Redaction Reasons text that can be displayed on the redaction. Click "No Reason" drop down and choose from one of the provided options if you would like to have displayed text.

  • Redactions must be burned in before they can be produced. You can do that one document at a time, or you can log into Quin-C to burn them in all at once.

How To burn in all redactions

  • In Quin-C, Select your case and then use the "Filter" widget to filter on the redacted items you have prepared for production. (Or the label you have prepared for production if that is easier.)
  • Then open the "Grid" widget.
  • Right click anywhere in the grid and choose "Processing Options" > "PDF Options" > "Burn In Redactions" > "Click OK on the Confirmation"

  • Once a redaction has been burned in, you will be able to see that redaction from the "Image Alternate File Viewer" in Summation Pro or eDiscovery.

How to Produce from Summation Pro or eDiscovery

  • Redactions MUST be burned in from Quin-C or QView prior to running the production in Summation Pro or eDiscovery. See How To burn in all redactions, above.
  • Once any document has a redaction burned into it, a "Markup Set" called 'quinc' is automatically created. Use this Markup set like you would have used any other markup set traditionally.


If the redactions you created are not included on the documents after they are exported, go into Summation Pro and check the "Image Alternate File Viewer" to see if the redaction shows up there. If it does not show up there, go into Quin-C, burn in all redactions for your production label, and then rerun your production.



Flash End of Life caused the Standard File Viewer to no longer be usable, therefore the ability to redact is no longer usable.