How do I configure FTK Central to collect from Google Drive?



  • A Google Google Suite account for your organization
  • Administrator account credentials for your organization's Google Suite account



  1. Log in to the Google Cloud Platform IAM & Admin Console at with your organization's Google Administrator account

  2. Click on the Project list at the top

  3. In the new dialog, select your domain and click NEW PROJECT

  4. Give the project a name and click CREATE

  5. Make sure you're viewing the new project, and click Service Accounts on the left

  6. Click CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT at the top

  7. Give the account a name and description, and click DONE

  8. Click on the newly created Service Account


  10. Check Enable Google Workspace Domain-wide Delegation, the provide a Product name and Email Address for the Consent Screen and click SAVE

  11. Copy the Client ID

  12. In a new tab, log in to the Google Admin Console at with your organization's Google Administrator account

  13. Click Security

  14. At the bottom, click API controls

  15. At the bottom, click MANAGE DOMAIN WIDE DELEGATION

  16. Click Add new

  17. In the new dialog, paste the previously copied Client ID, set the OAuth scope to "" and click AUTHORIZE

  18. Return to the previous tab and click KEYS at the top

  19. Click ADD KEY then Create new key

  20. Select JSON and click CREATE, making sure to take note of where the JSON file is downloaded to

  21. Navigate to the Google Drive API page at

  22. Make sure you're viewing your new project, and click ENABLE

  23. Log in to FTK Central and click Data Sources

  24. Click Google Drive

  25. Click Add Google Drive on the right

  26. In the new dialog, do the following:

      1. Enter a Name for your connector
      2. Paste the entire contents of the previously downloaded JSON file into the Service account API key field
      3. Choose whether to associate this connector to all custodians
        Note: The connector must be associated to Custodians prior to attempting a collection
      4. Click Save
  27. Confirm the Refresh Token Status for your connector shows Active