How do I configure FTK Central to collect from GMail?



  • A Google Google Suite account for your organization
  • Administrator account credentials for your organization's Google Suite account



  1. Log in to the Google Cloud Platform API & Services Console at with your organization's Google Administrator account
  2. Click on the Project list at the top
  3. In the new dialog, select your domain and click NEW PROJECT
  4. Give the project a name and click CREATE
  5. Make sure you're viewing the new project, and click OAuth consent screen on the left
  6. Select Internal and click CREATE
  7. Specify an App name and User support email
  8. Specify Developer contact information and click SAVE AND CONTINUE
  9. On the Scopes and Optional Info pages, simply click SAVE AND CONTINUE at the bottom
  10. Make sure you're viewing the new project, and click Credentials on the left
  11. Click CREATE CREDENTIALS at the top
  12. Select OAuth client ID
  13. In the Application type drop-down, select Web application
  14. In the Name field, enter FTK Central
  15. Under Authorized redirect URIs, click ADD URI and enter https://localhost:4443/api/GmailAdminAccessData then click CREATE
    Note: If FTK Central is using a custom port, change this URI to reflect that
  16. Copy the created Client ID and Client Secret
  17. Navigate to the Admin SDK API page at
  18. Make sure you're viewing your new project, and click ENABLE
  19. From the FTK Central server, log in to FTK Central and click Data Sources
  20. Click Gmail
  21. Click Add Gmail on the right
  22. In the new dialog, do the following:
      1. Provide a Name for the connector
      2. Enter your Gmail Domain
      3. Paste the previously copied Client ID and Client Secret
      4. In the Redirect Url field, enter https://localhost:4443/api/GmailAdminAccessData
      5. Click Save
  23. Under Actions click Edit
  24. Under Authorize click Google
  25. Follow the prompts to authorize your connector, then click Save
  26. Confirm the Refresh Token Status for your connector shows Active