In 7.4.2 there was functionality added to show the status of the DPE. This allows customer to monitor the DPE's utilization.

This status monitor shows, Information such as CPU Utilization, Available Disk Space, Used Disk Space, Available Memory, Physical Memory, Used Memory, Running Working Orders, Drives, Network interfaces, Network Speed, Utilization, and IP Addresses.

Limitation with MSDTC

In our solution we use among other MSDTC communication between our various components, MSDTC does not cater for Computer names specified as FQDN, as a result if the customer or engineers configures the DPM to use FQDN for the DPE/s then the Status monitor does not function.

It should be noted that this only affects for the Status monitor in the DPE Monitor. The processing jobs don't have this limitation, and will function where FQDN are used in the configuration, however the Status monitor functionality will then not work. DPE/s and DPM/s configured using the IP address of the machine will not exhibit any issues with the Status Monitor.

Incorrect Configuration: FQDN

Below is a simple installation showing the issue described above, here we have the DPE configured with FQDN, one will notice that the status for the machine is not visible when FQDN is used for the DPE

Correct Configuration: NetBIOS Only

Below is the same configuration as above, however the configuration was done only using the NetBIOS name of the computer, here you will see the correct working for Status Monitor