How do I configure FTK Central to collect from Network Shares?



  • Ability to access the desired network share(s) from the Site Server machine(s)
  • A Site Server set to use a CIDR range that encompasses the desired network share(s)
  • An account with at least read access to the desired network share(s)



  1. Log in to FTK Central and click Administration in the upper-right
  2. Click System Management
  3. Click Manage Credentials on the left
  4. Click the Share Credentials tab
  5. Enter the credentials for the account with access to your network shares and click Save
    Note: If many of your network shares will require different credentials, then this should be set to either the service account or the account with access to the highest number of shares
  6. Click the Landing Screen icon in the top-left
  7. Click Data Sources
  8. Click Network Share
  9. Click Add Network Share
  10. Do the following:
      1. Enter the network share Path
      2. (Optional) Enter a Description for the path
      3. To use the credentials stored in Manage Credentials > Share Credentials, check No Credentials
        To use different credentials, check New Credentials and enter the desired credentials
      4. Click Save