What are the requirements needed to Code in FTK Central?



The following assumes the project/case you wish to Code in has already been created.

  1. In FTK Central's User Management > Role Permissions Mapping, create a new Role that has at least the following permissions:
      • View Item Grid (required to see the case data)
      • View Natives (optional, to view document content in the Native panel)
      • View Text (optional, to view document content in the Text panel)
      • View Coding Panel (required to show the Coding Panel)
      • Edit Documents (required to assign Issues and edit Custom Fields)
      • Manage Tags (required to see any content in the Coding Panel)
      • View Tags (required to see Labels under the Tags Panel)
      • Assign Tags (required to assign Labels)
  2. Under Use Management > User Groups, create a new Group and assign it to the previously created Role and the Project where you wish to code
    Note: Users/Groups must be explicitly assigned to Project(s) to view their Coding Panels.
  3. Assign any Users you wish to Code to the group
  4. In the Case List, click Manage Coding Panel next to the desired project
  5. Click Create
  6. Give the panel a Name and assign it to the previously created Group in the Users dropdown
  7. Add and check-mark any Labels, Issues, DB Columns, and Custom Fields you wish to add to the Panel, then click Create
    Note: Any selected Labels must also be explicitly assigned to the previously created Group via the Tag Settings dialog within the case



  • In the current release, Coding Panels can't be edited after creation.  This includes their User/Groups assigned to a Coding Panel.  Assigning a Group to Coding Panel simplifies adding and removing User access to a Panel.