How do I configure FTK Central to collect from Slack?



  • A Slack(API) account for your organization
  • Administrator account credentials for your organization's Slack workspace.



  1. Go to
  2. Sign into your Workspace.
  3. Click on Create an App.
  4. Click From Scratch.

  5. Enter an App Name, select a Workspace, and click Create App.

  6. Scroll down to the to App Credentials section and copy your Client ID, and Client Secret for use in FTK Central.

  7. Scroll back up, and click OAuth & Permissions on the left.

  8. Scroll down to the Redirect URLs section, and click Add New Redirect URL.

  9. Enter "https://localhost:4443/api/SlackAccessData" and click Add and Save URLs.
    Note: If FTK Central is using a custom port, change this URL to reflect that
  10. In the Scopes section, under User Token Scopes, use Add an OAuth Scope to add each of the Scopes below.

      • channels:history
      • channels:read
      • emoji:read
      • files:read
      • groups:history
      • groups:read
      • identify
      • im:history
      • im:read
      • mpim:history
      • mpim:read
      • search:read
      • users:read

  1. Scroll up to the OAuth Tokens for Your Workspace heading and click Install to Workspace.

  2. Click Allow when prompted.

  3. From the FTK Central server, log in to FTK Central and click Data Sources.

  4. Click Slack.

  5. Click Add Slack.

  6. Do the following:

      1. Provide a Name for the connector.
      2. Enter the previously copied Client ID and Client Secret.
      3. In the Redirect Url field, enter https://localhost:4443/api/SlackAccessData
        If FTK Central is using a custom port, change this URI to reflect that
      4. Click Save.

  7. Under Actions, click Edit.

  8. Under Authorize, click Slack.

  9. Follow the prompts to authorize your connector, then click Save.

  10. Confirm the Refresh Token Status for your connector shows Active.