You may be reading this because you got lost and stumbled upon this page. If you are still reading this you may have stumbled upon the shortest lived KB in the history of KB's.


In the QUIN-C product one needs to check the hash groups that will be available in the drop down for KFF group selection in the processing options. The only Hash Group that will be available without explicitly checking other groups is the Default Hash Group. This affects both the QUIN-C as well as the Investigator Login on QUIN-C. Not an issue for Qview


This setting can only be done on QUIN-C Desktop.



KFF server 6.4 installed with Hash sets already imported, Groups need to have been created as well. Currently Hash Groups management is not possible in QUIN-C so one would need to configure the hash groups on FTK/LAB/ENT (recommended) or in the Cassandra database (not recommended).


Caution: There is a BUG that is already fixed in FTKC that the CPU consumption on the KFF server reaches 99% when viewing HASH Sets on QUINC desktop, so it is recommended that one doesn't stay too long on the page to check the Hash Groups. 



1) Log into the QUIN-C Desktop as an Administrator user that has KFF configuration permissions.

2) Open the Admin Widget

3) Select the Configuration tab

4) Select the Filter Tab

5) By default the Filters sub-tab is selected, next to this tab there is a KFF tab, it is in white text ans very difficult to notice and easily glanced over (hence this KB).

6) Select the Group Hash Set or Sets you wish to have in the drop down in the processing options when processing with KFF. When done Select "Save Selected Groups" 


7) One should now be able to see the Hash Set Groups on the drop down in the processing options